Explore this beautiful and diverse land and its tourist attractions in a royal style just like a king! And the most interesting way to explore Rajasthan is on Palace of Wheels. It reflects the royalty and majesty of the bygone era when the kings and queens lived large. This Luxury train not only give you an exciting experience of a train journey but also take you to some of the most famous tourist attractions.

The Palace on Wheels Train tour begins in New Delhi and goes directly to Jaipur for a tour of the Amber Fort where you will also enjoy an Elephant ride or Jeep Ride later continue your tour to visit the Hawa Mahal which is also called the Palace of Winds & City Palace.

The next stop of Palace on Wheels is Ranthambore National Park – where you go on open Canter coach to visit the national park if lucky you will have the chance to see the wild cat – Tigers . After breakfast on the train we start our journey to explore the largest fort in India Chittorgarh Fort .

Palace on Wheels – The Maharaja Train continues to Udaipur – the Lake City and see the magnificent structures sitting on the fringe of Lake Pichola. Of course there is the glorious sight of the palace Jag Mandir, which is built on an island in the Lake Pichola and appears to elegantly rise from the waters

Jaisalmer is the next stop of this Luxury India Train is the vast Thar Desert which is also called the Great Indian Desert and then explore Jaisalmer’s sandstone fort and the havelis decorated in lattice designs, as well as the opulent mansions . Here we also have the chance to enjoy the the camel ride adventure through the desert and then move on to Jodphur to see its fascinating Mehrangarh fort.

Palace on Wheels journey continues and its time now to visit the glorious and world famous Taj Mahal in Agra & to visit Keoladeo Ghana National Park (UNESCO) in Bharatpur, where you will be fascinated by the thousands of Siberian cranes, egrets and other migratory water fowls living in India’s best bird sanctuary. Finally we continue to return back to Delhi and it’s the end of the lifetime Maharaja Holiday.

Day 1 - Wednesday - Board Palace on Wheels - Delhi - Jaipur

Palace on Wheels royal tour start from the Safdarjung Railway Station Delhi . After check- in formalities there is a traditional Indian welcome by the train staff with garlanding, tikka and turban. Afterwards, you will be escorted to your luxurious cabin. The journey will begin in the evening. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner and overnight stay onboard while the train moves towards its first destination – Jaipur.

4.00 PM Welcome on arrival at Safdarjung Railway Station.
6.30 PM Departure for Jaipur
8.00 PM Dinner on Board

Day 2 - Thursday - Jaipur

The first destination of the trip is Jaipur, city of the Maharajas (Kings), splendid palaces and impressive forts. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, was established in 1727 by Maharaja Jai Singh II and is among the most beautiful cities of India. Jaipur owes the surname “pink city” to the colorfully painted houses in the old city. The buildings of Jaipur were painted pink during the 19th century for the visit of Prince Albert, the husband of the British queen Victoria. In Rajasthan, pink is also the traditional color of hospitality. In Jaipur, you visit the city palace with that “Sawai Singh museum” which houses an impressive collection of furniture, jewelry, miniature paintings, textiles, manuscripts, carpets and weapons out of the period of the Rajput rulers. Further, it goes to the Jantar Mantar, the largest of the six observatories built by Maharaja Jai Singh II in different parts of India. Jai Singh II was himself an astronomer; therefore, he designed some of the instruments you will see. The highlight of the tour is the symbol of Jaipur: The “Palace of Winds”, a five-story pageant construction with a honeycombed facade made of red and pink sandstone. This impressive building was made in 1799 for queens so they could watch the royal procession. From here, one has a fantastic view over the entire city. After lunch in the Rambagh-Palace Heritage Hotel, a former Maharaja palace, you travel on to Amber and see the world-famous fort palace with its unique mirror halls.

For a wide selection of stones and gems Jaipur is the perfect place to shop; it is a key international hub for where gems are cut and polished. Jaipur is also famous worldwide for its textiles and hand block printing. Of course, you will want to shop for your authentic Indian souvenirs and so after sightseeing we will make our way to the vibrant and colorful local bazaars of Jaipur. You can take your pick from wide range of gemstones, jewelry, handicrafts, superb blue pottery, traditional clothes of Jaipur and more.


3.45 AM Arrival at Jaipur
7.00 AM Breakfast on Board
8.00 AM Welcome with Shenai & Garland
8.30 AM Departure by coach for Sight Seeing
1.30 PM Visit to Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, City Palace, shopping,Elephant ride and Lunch at Amber Fort
3.00 PM Visit of Amber Fort
6.00 PM Return to train
8.00 PM Dinner on Board
11.30 PM Departure for Sawai Madhopur

Day 3 - Friday - Sawai Madhopur/Chittorgarh

Sawai Madhopur is named after its founder, Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I. Steeped in history this city counts as one of the most visited places in Rajasthan. It is the gateway to the world-famous Ranthambore National Park, a wild sanctuary with innumerable animal and plant species. Here you witness Chinkara (Indian Gazelle), Spotted Deer and Sambar Deer (also known Swamp Deer), Hyenas, Crocodiles and of course Tigers in the wild. The former hunt district of the Maharaja of Jaipur was declared in 1980 a national park. After the game safari in the Ranthambore National Park, the “Palace on Wheels” leaves for Chittorgarh.

Enjoy an exciting wildlife  Safari and then be treated to a delightful breakfast at the jungle lodge after which we get back on board the Palace on Wheels and continue to Chittorgarh a city known distinctively for its classic stories of heroes and heroines, triumphs over its enemies and dedication to religion. Lunch will be served on board.

Visit Chittorgarh Fort, whose preserved palaces and temples still narrate the epic tales of heroes and heroines, conquests and religious devotion. According to its history, the city of Chittorgarh with its imposing fort that sits on a three-mile-long knoll was raided three times. In year 1303, Alauddin Khilji stormed the city, driven by his passionate wish to subdue queen Padmini. Her face had appeared to him in a mirror, and he was stunned by her supernatural beauty. Queen Padmini preferred however the death of the dishonoring and died voluntarily by committing “Jauhar”, the ritual fire death. In 1533, during the rule of Bikramjeet, followed the second attack by the Bahadur Shah, the sultan of Gujarat. Again, a woman, the Bundi-princess Rani Karanavati, committed the “Jauhar”. Her son Udai Singh escaped the city and inherited the throne. In 1567 when the Mughal emperor Akbar marched his troops into Chittorgarh, Udai Singh fled to Udaipur and built a new capital. After, Akbar razed Chittorgarh to the ground and the city was never inhabited again. Still today, one can feel the heroic spirit of the Rajput warriors.

Chittaurgarh Fort which is said to be India’s largest fort is another place of interest that we will visit. It was constructed during the period from the 5th to the 8th century by the Mauriyan leaders. Covering some 680 acres this vast area consists of beautiful palaces, exquisite temples, and striking towers. It is a fantastic tour from beginning to end, starting with your entrance at the fort through seven ceremonial gates. You must make it a point to see the Rana Kumbha palace and Padmini Palace in the fort, which many consider to be the prized- features of Rajput architecture with the Padmini Palace once being the home of Queen Rani Padmini.

5.30 AM Arrival at Sawai Madhopur
6.00 AM Departure for Ranthambhore National Park (Sanctuary visit)
9.15 AM Break Fast on Board
10.30 AM Departure for Chittorgarh Lunch on Board
4.00 PM Arrival at Chittorgarh
4.30 PM Departure for Sight Seeing, Evening Tea at Fort.
6.00 PM Evening Tea & Light & Sound Programme at Fort
7.30 PM Return to Train
8.00 PM Dinner on Board

Day 4 - Saturday - Udaipur

Udaipur, on the bank of the spectacular Pichola Lake, is the economic and cultural center of the region Mewar and one of the most romantic cities of Rajasthan. Nestled at the foot of the Aravalli mountain range, Udaipur is designated also as a “Venice of the East” – a popular place for poets, painters and writers. Udaipur is a kaleidoscope of magical palaces, lakes, temple, gardens and small alleys that witness the heroic past. The city that was established in 1568 by Maharaja Udai Singh embodies a harmonious mixture blooming white houses, splendid palaces, blooming gardens, temples and Havelis (mansion). According to the legend, one day the Maharaja during the hunt came across a holy man, who meditated on a hill over the Pichola Lake. The Maharaja followed the advice of the hermit and established the city Udaipur.

In the town of Udaipur we will visit the imposing City Palace the largest in Rajasthan with a wealth of Mughal architectural styles. Inside the palace you will find an exclusive and amazing variety of wall art, traditional miniature paintings, mirror work and artifacts. Added to that inside the museum is the Mor Chowk (peacock courtyard) with elaborate inlays and mosaics of Rajasthan’s beloved bird, the peacock. In Udaipur you will gain a lot of experience bargaining at the shops and stalls for miniature paintings, crafts and textiles. Making your way through the narrow lanes and being amongst a large display of fabulous creations makes your time in Udaipur even more thrilling.

After your fill of a delicious lunch, it is time for one of the most memorable moments of your itinerary in Rajasthan. We will go on a private cruise on the amazing Lake Pichola, where you will pass by the famed Taj Lake Palace Hotel and the unbelievable Jag Mandir Island that rises from its waters.

2.00 AM Departure from Chittorgarh
8.00 AM Arrival at Udaipur
8.15 AM Breakfast on board
9.00 AM Departure for Sight Seeing by coach Sahalio Ki Bari, shopping andCity Palace & Crystal Gallery
1.30 AM Lunch at Palace Hotel (Fateh Prakash)
2.45 PM Boat Ride
3.00 PM Arrival at Station
3.30 PM Evening Tea on board
3.30 PM Departure for Jaisalmer
7.30 PM Dinner on board

Day 5 - Sunday - Jaisalmer

In the heart of the Thar Desert lies Jaisalmer – the “golden city”. Its landmark is the medieval fort made of yellow sandstone that raises itself majestically out of the glittering desert sand. The beginnings of the city date back to the Bhatti-king Rawal Jaisal, who established Jaisalmer in 1156. Jaisalmer fort, with 5000 inhabitants, is the only living fort of the world. This kept the city safe within the fort walls and resisted all attacks during the past centuries. The houses out of the 12th through 15th centuries are decorated with fine carvings and are maintained so well, that it gives the impression of a gigantic museum. A breathtaking drama offers itself at sunset. If the night sinks itself over the desert, the sky inflames in a red golden glow.

Jaisalmer’s great prosperity is a direct result of its vicinity to the earliest camel routes to Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is well known that the merchants in those times flaunted their wealth by building beautiful havelis, with galleries that were ornately decorated and wonderfully painted exteriors of yellow-sandstone, skillfully built by the artisans of that day. Both the inside and outside of these havelis will take you through a fairy tale adventure. The division of Pakistan from India created a new era for this city, many of its residents were left unemployed and had to find alternative sources of income. Some of the havelis that are on the top of the list to see are the Patwaon-Ki-Haveli, Nathmalji-Ki-Haveli and Salim Singh-Ki Haveli of which the Patwon-Ki-Haveli is the most extravagant. This palace was constructed by a wealthy fabric merchant Patwa for five of his sons and is made up of a group of five houses.

After a short rest, you will go to the Sand dunes of Jaisalmer for a camel-Safari. On the back of the desert ships, you cross a piece of the endless expanse of the Thar-desert.

7.30 AM Breakfast on Board
9.15 AM Arrival at Jaisalmer
9.15 AM Departure for Sight Seeing
 Visit of Gadsisar Lake, Fort, Havelies and City
1.30 PM Arrival to train for lunch
3.30 PM Departure for Sand dunes and camel ride & tea
7.00 PM Arrival on train
7.45 PM Dinner & Cultural Programme at 5 star Hotel (HRH Gorband Palace)
11.45 PM Departure for Jodhpur

Day 6 - Monday - Jodhpur

Jodhpur, the former capital of the Marwar Empire in the East of the desert Thar, resembles a green oasis with trees, plants and artificially designed lakes. The color of the houses gives Jodhpur the surname “blue city“. Originally, the color blue symbolized the membership to the caste of the Brahmins. The blue color also acts as an aid in the defense of mosquitoes. Already from far away, the historic fort enclosure of Mehrangarh Fort falls in the eyes, which was built on a 360-foot-high sandstone hill. The large palaces in the interior of the fort are impressive examples of architectonic architecture.

Inside the walls of the fort are a maze of courtyards and palaces that house the museum. It is a perfect opportunity to learn from your knowledgeable guides about the great wealth and belligerent lifestyles of the Rajput princes. See a splendid collection of artifacts like; miniatures, trinkets, weaponry, elephant howdahs that are worn in processions, wood-carvings, murals and mirror-work inside the palace complex; all reflections of the amazing abilities of the artisans of Jodhpur. A visit to this fort brings you upfront and personal with the endless beauty of Rajasthan’s best kept and most impressive fort.

Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan, was founded in 1459 by Rao Jodha, the chief of the Rathore clan of the Rajputs. The entire city is surrounded by a mighty ten kilometers long stonewall, having eight gates leading to the inner part of the city. After an extensive city tour, a princely lunch waits for you in the Heritage Palace hotel. In the afternoon, the “Palace on Wheels” travels on to Bharatpur, which is a haven for twitchers.

7.00 AM Arrival at Mandor Jodhpur
7.30 AM Breakfast on Board
9.00 AM Departure for Sightseeing
1.30 PM Visit of Meharangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Visit of Umaid Bhawan Musium & shopping
Lunch at 5 Star Hotel (Hanumant Palace)
2.45 PM Return to train
3.30 PM Departure for Bharatpur
7.30 PM Dinner on board

Day 7 - Tuesday - Bharatpur/ Agra

Jointly with Deeg and Dholpur, Bharatpur captures an important place in the history of Rajasthan. Its landmark is the Laxmi Vilas Palace that was constructed in 1899 for the younger brother of the Maharaja of Bharatpur. The architecture is a mixture of Mughal and Rajput style. The small city is visited mainly because of the Keoladeo Ghana national park a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. The former hunt zone of the royal family of Bharatpur is today a bird sanctuary where Black-necked and Painted Storks, Comorants, Intermediate Egret, Cotton Pygmy-goose, and more than 250 other species of birds live. As well as birds, you will watch Spotted Deers, Fox, Indian Gazelle, Nilgai (Blue Bull Antelope) in the Keoladeo Ghana national park. With some good fortune, you can observe even the rare Siberian Cranes that are attracted each year to the sanctuary. The marshy area of park is haven for the migratory birds. We’ll explore the 29 square kilometers of park by a rikshaw ride.

After the safari in the Keoladeo Ghana national park, you will travel to Agra, the capital of mighty Mughals.

We will visit the magnificent Agra Fort when we arrive in Agra. The fort includes the regal city of the Mughal emperors and was built on the banks of the Yamuna River in 1565 by the great Emperor Akbar. Its enhancement with sandstone and marble buildings were commissioned by Emperors Jehangir and Shah Jahan. It’s a massive double walled fort elevated more than 20 m in height and stretching 2.5 m in length. The interior walls, a network of fantasy land marble palaces, audience halls, mosques, courtyards and gardens create what is very much a city on the inside of a city. Clearly the fort pales in comparison to its former glory; however the monuments and red sandstone walls give us some insight of the times of an affluent and prosperous Agra, One feature of Agra Fort that will forever linger in your memory is the coveted view of the white marbled “wonder of wonders” the Taj Mahal.

After lunch, you will visit the Taj Mahal, the world’s first wonder. It is the symbol of love, built by Shajahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in 1630 after the birth of her 14th child. It is difficult to describe the magnificence and splendor of the Taj Mahal. You will be awe struck at its marvelous architecture, its white marble and semi-precious stones that affirm the remarkable skills of the 20,000 artisans who came from the countries of France, Persia, Turkey, and Italy. It took some 17 years for this tribute of endless love to be built.

The mausoleum is a feast for the eye and a pilgrimage site for the hearts of all lovers. Enjoy a super sunset and take some memorable photographs!

After seeing all the wonderful mosaic work on the buildings, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you actually got to see how this stunning work is done? Indeed! You get the opportunity of a lifetime to see the artisans at work, right before your very eyes as they demonstrate how the inlay work on buildings like the Taj Mahal is done. The few remaining craftsmen who brilliantly ply this trade keep this traditional art form alive, blending the beauty of the marble and their creativity to produce some of the most stunning work you will ever see. It is intricate in detail and colorful and you will see hand-made jewel boxes, table-tops, incense stands, paper weights and other hand-made products all uniquely created with a fusion of Persian and Italian styles.

After an exciting day, you will enjoy your dinner on board the Palace on Wheels, sleep and then arrive at the Safdarjung Train Station, New Delhi at 6.00 hrs the next morning, with souvenirs, pictures and most of all life- long memories of your tour on board the Palace on Wheels.

5.00 AM Arrival at Bharatpur
6.00 AM Departure for Keola Deo National Park (Ghana Bird Sanctuary)
7.30 AM Breakfast on Board
8.30 AM Return to Train
8.45 AM Departure for Agra
10.30 AM Arrival at Agra Fort Railway Station
11.00 AM Departure for Sightseeing-Visit to Fort of Agra.
1.30 PM Lunch at 5 star Hotel (Mughal Shereton)
3.00 PM Visit to Taj Mahal
5.30 PM Shopping
8.00 PM Dinner on Board
11.00 PM Departure for Delhi from Agra Cantt.

Day 8 - Wednesday - Disembark Palace on Wheels in Delhi

4.00 AM Arrival at Safdarjung Railway Station
7.00 AM Breakfast on Board
7.30 AM Deboard/ Checkout





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5 % GST Tax is levied by Government of India is EXTRA ON TOP OF THE TARIFF. Extra Surcharge for 10 % for departures during Christmas and New Year. Children less than 5 Years 10 % of the tariff and children between 5 – 12 years 50 % of the Tariff


Price Valid for September 2020 & April 2021

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Single Deluxe Cabin £ 5250 $ 6300
Twin/Double Deluxe Cabin £ 3350 $ 3850


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Single Super Deluxe Cabin £ 12050 $ 13860
Double Super Deluxe Cabin £ 6025 $ 6930

Price Valid from  October 2020 till March 2021

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Single Deluxe Cabin £ 7055 $ 8470
Twin/Double Deluxe Cabin £ 4790 $ 5505


Price Per Person Per Journey Price Per Person in Sterling Pounds Price Per Person in US Dollars
Single Super Deluxe Cabin £ 13255 $ 15246
Double Super Deluxe Cabin £ 6625 $ 7623


*** Accommodation in Air Conditioned Deluxe Cabin with attached bathroom in Palace on Wheels with All meals including tea, coffee and mineral water.

*** Two Transfers in Delhi with Private Air Conditioned Vehicle with Driver

*** Transport for sightseeing with Deluxe Coaches during Palace on Wheels Train Journey

*** English speaking guide during Palace on Wheels Train Journey

*** Monument entry fee to all palaces, museums & parks during Palace on Wheels Train Journey

Palace on Wheels ,Rajasthan

Palace on Wheels has 14 residential cabins. Each and every saloon of the luxury train has been named after the erstwhile princely states. The names are Alwar, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Bundi, Dholpur, Dungerpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jhalawar, Jodhpur, Kishangarh, Kota, Sirohi and Udaipur. Each saloon has 04 twin bedded rooms along with one small seating area. Cabin size is 8 x 9. Serves chinese, continental, rajasthani & indian cuisine A well-stocked bar with T.V. facility, serves wine, liquor and spirits of Indian and international make Indoor games like Chess, Playing Cards. Chinese checkers, Carom Board, and Crossword Puzzles etc. are available on the train. A lounge for relaxing, interacting, making friends, getting together and play games. First aid is available on the train whereas a doctor can be arranged on call. At every Destination. Doctor is available for 1 hrs. for free consultancy in Bar/ Lounge car Mineral water is made available to all the passengers throughout the journey Leading newspapers & magazines of India are available on the train. Voltage available on the train: 110/230V The Palace On Wheels is a no smoking train. However , if you wish to smoke, please contact your captain for guidance. All essential toiletries like soaps, shampoos, moisturizers etc. are available in bathroom. The well-equipped spa offers various massages and therapies and revitalizing solutions amidst royal ambience. Mailing facility is provided on board, for posting your mail.

The Metropolitan – New Delhi

The Metropolitan Hotel New Delhi is 5-minute drive from Connaught Place, It features an outdoor pool and 3 dining options. Situated in New Delhi’s city centre, it also offers a fitness centre and spa. The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa is 1 km from New Delhi Railway Station, 500 m from Airport Express Metro Station (Shivaji Stadium) and 15 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport. Stylish air-conditioned rooms feature Indian motifs. Equipped with an iron and a flat-screen TV with cable channels, they also come with a minibar. Private bathrooms feature bath and shower facilities and a hairdryer. Guests can check e-mails at the business centre or relax at the full-service NeoVeda Spa, which offers massage services and a steam room. There is also a shop selling a range of items including hand-woven scarves, an assortment of teas and aromatherapy oils. Sakura Restaurant serves Japanese dishes, while Chutney Bar + Tandoor Restaurant offers Indian delights. The pool-side Zing Restaurant offers international fare and is open round-the-clock. In-room dining is possible. Hotel has 178 Rooms Divided in the Category of Deluxe , Club and Executive Suites.

The Claridges New Delhi

Located in Lutyens New Delhi, The Claridges, New Delhi, offers rooms with old-world charm and contemporary furnishings. Just 3 km from the city centre, it has a temperature controlled outdoor swimming pool and 6 dining options. Free WiFi and parking is available. Wooden-floored rooms feature a satellite flat-screen TV and a pillow menu. Each is well-equipped with a minibar and tea/coffee making facilities. Safety deposit boxes and ironing facilities are available for guests convenience. The hotel has a variety of amenities including a health club. Mediterranean cuisine is served at Sevilla, while Dhaba offers North Indian fare. Pastries are available at Ye Old Bakery Patisserie and Jade serves Chinese food. Choose from beverages at Aura – The Vodka Bar. The Claridges is within 1.5 km from Delhi National Museum and Lodhi Gardens. Within 4 km of the hotel is Connaught Place. It is 13 km from Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The Lalit – New Delhi

Set in a grand building in bustling Connaught Place, The LALIT New Delhi welcomes guests with its full spa and outdoor pool. It offers an extensive range of 7 dining options, including some 24-hour ones. The Lalit is a 10-minute drive from New Delhi Railway Station, while Indira Gandhi International Airport is 24 km away. Spacious, soundproofed rooms offer subtle touches of Indian culture. Generously furnished with a flat-screen TV and DVD player, some rooms offer an iPod dock. An electric kettle and a minibar are provided in each room. Iron and ironing board can be requested. Guests can experience Ayurvedic and natural therapies at Rejuve spa, or opt for a work out in the fitness centre. Other facilities include a business centre, free private parking and The LaLit Galleria, which features a variety of shops. Dining options include Baluchi Indian restaurant and Woks Chinese restaurant. 24/7 Restaurant and Bar are open all day everyday for dining convenience. The hotel also has a 24-hour pastry shop for sweet cravings. Hotel offers 461 Rooms categorized under Deluxe Rooms , Premier Rooms , Executive Club, Suites

The Leela Palace New Delhi

The Leela Palace New Delhi is a blend of Lutyen’s architecture and the royal Indian culture. A pampering spa, 4 dining options and free parking are available. Elegantly decorated, air-conditioned rooms feature a high-definition flat-screen TV with a DVD player, floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden furnishings. A 2nd flat-screen TV in the bathroom is a mirror when turned off. The Leela Palace New Delhi is less than 10 minutes’ drive from the India Gate. Indira Gandhi International Airport is 15 km while the Domestic airport is 13 km. The exclusive spa by ESPA offers an Ayurveda inspired day spa menu created for both women and men while rooftop temperature-controlled swimming pool offers the panoramic views of the city’s skyline. Guests can also approach the 24-hour front desk to rent a computer or a car. Housed in a modern glass structure, The Qube offers an international and Indian buffet with open kitchens. Other dining options include Le Cirque and MEGU from New York, the award winning restaurants. Indian food is served at Jamavar . Drinks can be enjoyed at the hotel’s 2 bars. Hotel offers 254 Rooms.

Taj Palace New Delhi

The luxurious Taj Palace, New Delhi, is spread out over six acres of lush gardens in the heart of India’s capital city. It is an oasis of calm while still being right in the middle of the city’s action. Not surprisingly, then that our 403 luxury rooms and suites have played gracious host to princes, heads of state, corporate czars and high-powered conferences and the grandest of weddings for close to four decades. Located in close proximity to the protected greens of Delhi offering a breath-taking view, Taj Palace holds a prominent place in the city’s prestigious Palace. The hotel is a legendary food and wine connoisseur’s heaven. It is home to a several multi-award-winning fine dining restaurants in New Delhi specialising in Vietnamese, Continental-European and Indian cuisines. Alongside, we have a tea and coffee lounge serving the world’s finest brews; a multi-cuisine coffee shop. Taj Palace is also New Delhi’s premier event and meeting location. The décor is inspired by Mughal architecture and is seamlessly infused with state-of-the-art and modern conferencing facilities. The facility offers two elegant ballrooms that can accommodate 500-1000 people. For close knit gathering and events, halls like Mumtaz, Jehangir, Roshanara, Sheesh Mahal & Jahanara will dazzle you with their intimate interiors.    If you are looking to unwind, signature therapies drawn from ancient Indian traditions are available at the soothing Jiva Spa. Other facilities include a state-of-the-art fitness centre, an outdoor swimming pool, yoga classes, and even a nine-hole chip & putt golf green. While the hotel effortlessly blends the grace of Old Delhi with the pace of New Delhi, what sets the hotel apart is the desire to ensure that you get nothing but the best.